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Our Mission

Our club has two main purposes, to teach and inspire young athletes. To be successful both on and off the field, you need to learn the values of hard work, discipline and determination.  When developing our program we wanted to be sure to create an environment for our players to challenge and push themselves to the limits.  Our players start with a rigorous training camp in the summer.  We have over 30 scheduled winter sessions and over 80 total sessions in a year.

Club Philosophy

Our club philosophy is to make sure all athletes have the setting to maximize and realize their potential not only in soccer, but also in life. We teach life skills as well as communication, leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship to help them push forward in life.

It is our goal to ensure that EVERY player learns how to play the game. In turn our focus is solely on development of the individual and in turn the team. We focus on #DevelopmentOverWinning which guarantees that your child is the focus on each and every game helping everyone improve for the teams benefit.

Club History

Hoffman United Soccer Club has been around since its inception in 1973. Formerly affiliated with the Park District it is now a standalone club that is professionally run in order to bring the upmost quality in order to push each of its athletes to their maximum potential

Hoffman United has been based within Hoffman Estates in parks around the town, such as Eisenhower Junior school and Victoria Park. The club started, as Hoffman estates did not have any travel soccer program that could help its athletes reach the next level is soccer. Since then Hoffman United has helped its athletes to reach varsity soccer as freshmen, State Cup play, MRL play and most recently National Finals.